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So, you have attended our 3 hour 'Meetup' and enjoyed the process of designing, developing and delivering your promo. 

If you would like your 30 second trial video from the day, without the advertising, look at the example to see what you get.

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What can I expect at my first meet up?

Can I use the 30 second video we produce at the first meet up?

What if I want to add my logo and business details to the 30 sec video?

What is the difference between a 30 sec and the 90 sec video we do at the second meet up?

Can I use the 90 sec video we produce at the second meet up?

What is involved and the cost for producing a series of videos?

Where can I use my videos?

How much does it cost for Gerald to produce my specific videos?

How much does it cost for Keli to write my script?

How much does it cost to have a one-on-one marketing strategy session with Barry?

What is the LCA community all about?

Creating videos for

30 second promo

90 second promo


Keynote presentations​



We are creating an 'Authority Marketing' community, stay tuned its very exciting

We are constantly amazed by the people we meet and their passions and business ideas we are exposed to at every single meet up. We also know that as a start up, funds are limited which presents the predicament of needing access to the experts to help your business grow without the money to pat for the advice, so Gerald, Barry and Keli came up with the LCA community which is a monthly membership that gives you access to experts, forums, FAQ's such as this one, live feedback, webinars and other business tools that will help you build your business for a fee that is reasonable and affordable. Have a look at the "Community" tab for more information and to join.

Your 30-second video for $150

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