Create your very own 7 minute segment

Join us for this event and create a videos for your website, YouTube channel or on-line courses - no matter how experienced you are.

GOLD COAST EVENT Saturday 30th, June 2018 9:30 AM 

Hope Island

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All this for $200

This is your opportunity to 'Get In Front of the Camera'

We all know promotional videos are one of the top forms of online mass communication that you can benefit from using. and with the Internet, it is so easy now! All businesses, small and large, are jumping on board to get their start with online video – your customers demand it!

I am a video producer and YouTuber.  I have developed this opportunity to create your very own 7 minute segment.

The results are clear. While some companies charge thousands to produce a video, all I need from you is 30 minutes

Here is how it works.

Here is YOUR end of the deal:

Come prepared with a segment that lasts 7 minutes. It may be in the form of a media release, an intro to your organisation, a product that you want to sell to your customes or simply having your say on something you feel strongly about.

You can provide up to 5 images or powerpoint slides to your video to enhance the production.

You can also provide me with your logo for authenticity.

If you have a music track that you would like to use, send that to me also provided it is 'Royalty Free'

You will have 15 minutes in total to say what you want to say. The time starts at your allotted time slot, so that means if you are scheduled in at 10.00am the clock starts ticking and we wrap up at 10.15am. What if you are late? - Don't be late arrive early, sit, relax and learn or memorise your pitch.

7 Minutes is actually a long time, if you are really organised you could do 2 x 3 minutes segments or even 3 x 2 minutes segments.

Here is MY end of the deal:

I will produce, video, edit and export the video within a week of shooting.

Check out these examples


Gerald Pauschmann

Founder - The Point TV

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