Apr 01
Webinar tools

I just got off the phone to my ‘Active Marketer‘ guru (Barry Moore)  and he introduced me to the MOST cost effective way of conducting a webinar. It’s called Webinarjam – a presenters best friend

Whether you need to hold a strictly educational event delivered to a widely scattered group, you need to persuade prospects to buy during the event in a B2C sales situation, or you need an effective tool to get your B2B prospects to take that next crucial step in a long sales process, webinars are a proven, effective presentation tool you might want to consider.

First of all, what is a webinar? A webinar is an Internet-based event displayed through a web browser that typically combines verbal and visual presentation elements to a group of observers who have previously registered, usually in the hopes of becoming better educated on a subject that interests them or to gain a solution to a problem.

Webinars are an ideal sales and marketing tool, a marketer’s dream come true, we might say! They allow marketers to address a large, diverse, geographically widespread group very economically and with no travel time or expenses involved.

They are a great tool for marketers to use to build up their credibility and trust and “likeability factor” in the minds and hearts of webinar attendees. And they are a powerful tool presenters can use for strengthening their thought leader status.

Webinars provide companies a simple, cost-effective way to:

  1. Increase brand awareness
  2. Generate new leads
  3. Strengthen prospect interest in their product or service
  4. Move prospects further through the sales funnel

So if you havent explored ways to creatively present yourself as the authority – check out webinarjam


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As The Presentation Coach, Gerald has over 20 remarkable years as a professional speaker, engaging audiences with humour, controversy and plenty of ideas. Gerald has spoken to a wide variety of groups, including business, medical, academic, association, professional and corporate audiences. He’s an engaging, thought provoking speaker and storyteller. Gerald is energetic and professional. He knows how to motivate the the crowd, Quality isn’t expensive..it’s priceless!

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