Video Marketing Campaign


Why use video at all?

When you use video on your website, you have a powerful tool that can increase the popularity of your web pages. Whether you want to earn money, share your knowledge or increase page views, you can use video to create a dynamic web site the attracts and keeps visitors.

Before we get to the nuts and bolts of Why we should use VIDEO at all, let me ask 2 simple questions:

Have you watched a YouTube video in the last 7 days?

Have you uploaded a YouTube video in the last 7 days?​

1. Use Video to Enhance Your Website

2. Use Video to Demonstrate a Product or Activity

3. Use Video to Share Your Expertise

4. Use Video to Drive Traffic to Your Website

5. Use Video to Earn Money

6. Use Video to Promote a Sale or Special Event

7. Use Video to Give Your Business a Personal Face

8. Use Video to Engage Customers With Your Brand

9. Use Video to Encourage Regular Visits to Your Website

10. Use Video to Stand Out From the Competition

Here are some examples

Promote your service

Ask to take action

Amazing offer

Promote a conference

Conduct an interview

How do I get started? - I have never made a video before.

Quality = Attention span

Your promo video only does you any good if people actually watch it. And like it.

  • Write out in FULL what you want to say
  • Tell a story and give a promise in the future
  • Humour

There is no such thing as an attention span. There is only the quality of what you are viewing.” This captures the essence of a great promo video.

What about all that expensive equipment? 

I Can Present

Your phone and a good microphone

A tripod or a BULLCLIP

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What do I do with my video now? 

  • Sign up for a YouTube or Vimeo channel
  • Start publishing it everywhere. Facebook, your Website, Twitter, LinkedIn.

I don't have the time or energy to do this

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