Whatever you need for your online presence, we have packages to suit your budget.






Gerald Pauschmann

Be a part of our fortnightly meetup to learn about how you can leverage your online presence. We help you write your 30 and 90-second promo and then give you the opportunity to do some studio work complete with Lights, Camera and Autocue.
There are great opportunities to meet start ups and entrepreneurs


60-second video


A great introduction for your entry level promotional video. We use state of the art software including After Effects and Premier Pro to ensure an amazing finished product. Your video will include:
  • 2.5 hour studio session
  • Your logo
  • ​1 Targeted image background
  • 1 lower thirds
  • Using an autocue
  • Stock images
  • Stock music


90 second video


An extra 60 seconds on video is a huge difference when you want to get your message across. Your video will include:
  • 3 hour studio session
  • Your logo
  • ​Targeted image background
  • 1 Targeted video background
  • On screen text
  • 1 lower thirds
  • Using an autocue
  • Stock images
  • Stock music


Design & create  


In this workshop we will help you design your very own 3 minute promotional video. Promotional video marketing has traditionally been a specialised field. In this workshop you will learn how to create a promotional video for production and distribution.

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TV presenting


Have you ever daydreamed about being a TV Presenter or the host of your very own TV Talk Show … but then thought you could never turn that dream into a reality?You are invited to attend our first module as our guest. If you love what you see, commit to the full workshop. Not for you? You will still have a great experience presenting on camera, meet great people and receive feedback from professionals.

Watch the results

Here are some examples of each of the packages.

You will be amazed at the results

Here is an example of the quality of our work.

I can wait, can you?

If you have just started your business or are fairly new to the entrepreneurial world, then building your online presence
can be time consuming and, at times, frustrating.

But it’s also very important.

It can be time consuming because it’s not just something that happens overnight; it can be frustrating because… well, it’s not just something that happens overnight; and it’s very important because your online presence is what allows people to find you, interact with you, and get to
know, like and trust you.

But building your online presence can be less time consuming and less frustrating if you know where to start.

Where you have seen an asterisk, the fee is for groups of 5 people or more. Ask about individual sessions.