The POWER of relationships

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Tammy and Cindy
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What You'll Learn
During This Live Interactive Presentation:

    1. What are positive relationships and why they’re so important for a thriving life
    1. Hear real, authentic stories and lessons learnt from family relationships, business relationships & community relationships
    1. What are the 3 types of relationships you have along your journey of life... Are they Life time, Lifegiving or Purposeful? Knowing the significance of each, acknowledging and appreciating each one!
    2. How to become a Relationship magnet to propel you forward in life, creating the circle of influence others love to be around as Networth equals Network
    3. Importance of listening by using effective communication to build trust
    4. How to start a conversation with a complete stranger so they become raving fans…


Sick and tired of watching and hearing of others successes and wonder why it is they succeed?

Have a burning desire to share your gifts to the World but struggling to find others showing interest?

For anyone that wants to be reignited, and live a life they desire and deserve, building strong connections through relationships is a key attribute to this success!

Both Tammy Richie and Cindy Steele are big believers in making people feel special and are finding this now in different Ventures they are involved in and are excited about what the future holds for this dynamic duo!

The power of strong alliances cannot be underestimated and all begins with making others feel heard and important.. Ask not what others can do for you, but what you can do for others and this is the key to success in all aspects of life, whether family, personal or Business related!

There is nothing quite like a kind smile or an empathetic ear when needed as unless you have lived a day in the life of someone, you just don’t know what hardship they may have experienced, even that day!

Both Tammy and Cindy are known as the Connection Queens because of years they have done just that.. They have invested time in finding out about other’s stories and what it is they do in order to better support!

What they have found and they love is how others naturally now approach them on a daily basis for advise when they are searching for others to fulfill a role to which they can suggest great connections, all because they have taken the time to build these relationships!

You can have the best product or service around, but unless you have a captive audience, it remains just that!

Learn daily, yet easy to incorporate secrets both Tammy and Cindy have used over the years to create raving fans that want to be around their energy! They will happily share with you what they have learned on their journey of self discovery, so you too can incorporate and live your life by design and have others wishing to support you too!If you are serious about discovering the tips they have to share, so you can live your life by design, you do not want to miss out on this opportunity of being involved in this LIVE Audience, with over
25,000 Online viewers, being held on the 20th November 12pm-1pm at the beautiful Currumbin RSL Club, 165 Duringan St, Currumbin QLD 4223(07) 5534 7999

Join us for this exciting TV Interview in order to benefit your friends, family, Business and most importantly, "You"!

Secure your place by clicking on the link and please help us make a difference by considering to share or invite friends that you think may benefit from this event. Click below to find out more.. We are so excited be sharing with you and really thrilled to have been given this awesome opportunity to share these secrets on this amazing show!

Cannot wait to see you all there!

Cindy Steele

Cindy is a Mother of 2 sons aged 8 and 11 years, has been happily married for over 19 years, was an Assistant Principal in a low socio economic area in NSW for 4 years, before she started her family.

Cindy has co-Authored 2 books, and has had many different businesses in various industries, such as a Children’s Entertainment Business, Swim school, developed a network that grew to over 5,000 members in over 17 areas all over NSW & Gold Coast QLD, moved interstate and started a-fresh in her husband’s Security business, as well as developed a strong network connecting Bride-To-Be’s with Award winning wedding suppliers on the Gold Coast and now expanding this to the Sunshine Coast.

Cindy is also in business partnership with her niece Katherine, called KC Bridal, which is a mobile service to help Bride’s dream wedding dress become a reality with their personal, customised service covering all of SEQ. She is an Ambassador for charity Sunnykids, based on the Sunshine Coast and understands the various relationships she’d had, within her family role, business role and Community role during her 42 years journey of life, and how it’s shaped her, to who she is today….with lots of lessons learnt along the way.

Tammy Richie

Tammy Richie is a remarkable woman whose story is a powerful reminder about what we're truly capable of as human beings and how spending time developing trust and relationships is so worth it and pays dividends for long term opportunities and partnerships.

She is a wife of a lovely man and Mum to 3 beautiful children. She believes in leading by example and is inspired by her children’s persistence to overcome obstacles they’ve endured to still achieve success in all aspects of their lives! She believes that strong values and relationships begin in the home and is grateful for the opportunity to lead by example.

She is one of the lucky ones who had First Aid training- she saved her own son’s life when he drowned in their backyard pool at just 16 months of age! Her passion for protecting lives and helping others avoid the pain she has been through is what inspired her to start her Business, First Aid YUCAN2. And today, she is an inspirationalmentor and life-coach to many people around Australia and the globe.

Drawn from suffering this experience and a desire to help others avoid the pain she had been through...and then the traumatic events with her and her children’s failing health over time...Tammy intimately understands how to overcome life's greatest challenges and how to live by "re-design".

She calls it, "The Art of Limitless Living" and the importance of creating a Tribe of supportive people around you, by forming healthy, mutually beneficial relationships .

Tammy will not only be sharing her deeply moving story, she'll also be unleashing a host of 'life' tools for you to take away with you.

Tammy also believes that your beliefs, values and daily thought patterns ultimately guide the quality of your life and thus the people you surround yourself with.

She proudly served in the Royal Australian Air Force for 17 years in a male dominated field as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. She is a Lifesaver, Entrepreneur and a multiple Business Award Winner.

She has just launched YUCAN2, helping transform the lives of others both inside and out and believes that everyone deserves to feel amazing everyday!

Discover your “Y”, decide Y-UCAN2 and live the life you deserve… Simple really!

YUCAN2 Transforming lives across the globe!




12:00 PM




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