Personal Blindspots

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Gerald Pauschmann
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Chris Wildeboer
Balance Central

What You'll Learn
During This Live Presentation:

  1. The importance of identifying your self value
  2. Where is your resistance really coming from?
  3. What is your self talk that you are contributing

Chris Wildeboer is the founder of Balance Central and has been working in the Wellness Industry for over 15 years - today she is one of the highest qualified Qld practitioners currently working in her field. Balance Central has grown rapidly through networking and word-of-mouth referrals and in particular Chris loves to work with people who are ready to recognise the recurring patterns that are holding them back in their life and their business.

She helps them to achieve greater success through conscious awareness and a healthier work/life balance. Chris describes herself as a Business Owner, an Author, a Teacher, a Student and mostly she loves to have good quality conversations. Chris loves gaining new perspectives for herself and others – bringing a greater conscious awareness for everyone.

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5:15 PM



17 Gould Road, HERSTON

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