Thousands of satisfied participants are happy they attended one of my workshops

If you can walk away from a workshop having learned just one simple strategy, then your time was worth it.

Gerald Pauschmann

Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear a path

I practiced the skills I learnt on a group of male youths that very afternoon outside our clinic as we closed up - without masks on during a Lockdown. I said hi how are you going? Did you need help with anything? And they were happy to talk (they needed more masks and they were standing outside to use the wifi! I told them where they could get more masks tomorrow and did not argue about using the wifi, they must be bored during LD!). So new skills put to good use already. Thank you for sharing your expertise and time!”

New Here?

The skills you learn, whether its a one-to-one coaching session or one-to a thousand keynote presentation is an investment in your personal development

One-on-one Consulting

Some people simply don't like crowds and sharing information, We can schedule a time for a personalised strategy session.

Group Workshop

Since 1997, I have lost count on how many workshops I have delivered. Let me deliver your next one

Keynote Presentations

When you need an engaging presenter at you next conference, I am your speaker to provoke thought

Praise and Testimonials

“Presenter was engaging, knowledgeable and entertaining, answered questions well, really made me rethink my approaches.”   

logan police

“We have had quite a few training courses from Peak Services (LGAQ) and we have come to appreciate the high level of expertise and value for money that we receive.”   

sunshine coast council

“I thought this was a great training day and all staff gave great feedback. Gerald was a fantastic presenter - no improvements or changes needed. The resources are excellent and they take pride of place on my desk when I am dealing with someone abusive"    

mackay police

“I thought this was a well presented and interesting course. I was pleased to attend a course where I actually learned something that was useful in my job. And the idea of using Zoom is great - smaller groups and everyone gets a chance to speak.” 

Toowoomba Regional Council