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Supervisor Essentials
Supervisor Essentials
Throughout this course, you will learn eight skills and shifts in thinking that are essential for being an effective supervisor.
Price: $97.90
Price: $53.90

Thanks Gerald, this is incredible value for such a comprehensive on-line course. I am getting my team here who are already skilled supervisors to go back and revisit the fundamentals. Love the examples also.

Jason Nuave

Are you looking for a more cost-effective way to develop new leaders?

I've yet to see an organisation that is comfortable promoting people into supervisory roles without the basics they need to supervise a team.
Frequently, the time, cost and logistical challenges associated with developing new supervisors as they get promoted means development gets delayed or the scope of what can be covered is reduced.

Supervisor Essentials will get you there

Why this supervisor essentials course is

The easiest and cost effective way to learn about your new skills

Based on experience developing leaders across a range of industries, we have identified the essential eight skills and competencies that supervisors need on day one to take up their role effectively.

Each one has been condensed into a fifteen minute electronic interactive module.

Not only will we provide supervisors with some initial direction and support...

These modules can form the basis of expectations for their probationary period and performance reviews.

The concepts can be used to promote a more meaningful conversation with their manager and a more accurate assessment of their performance.

Did you know that this course:.

- Can be provided as a stand-alone video file, or SCORM 1.2 file.

- Can be branded with your organisations logo.

- Can be supported with more in depth face to face training where required.

- Can be structured as a one-off cost for an organisational licence or as a per person purchase