Speakers, trainers and facilitators need the Best lead generation pages

By Gerald Pauschmann | Public speaking

Jul 09

Times have certainly changed

Here in Australia, I receive daily emails and text messages from people pleading with me to help them find work as a speaker or workplace trainer. As a professional speaker for the last 20 years and have realised that becoming an early adopter when it comes to technology has been a saviour for me and my career.

And that includes creating a number of promo videos, YouTube channels, Facebook ads and so on.​

So the first question I ask to those who desperately want more work is ....

When you open your website what do your potential customers see?​

For some,  their website is a very expensive digital business card and for others it it a sales and lead generation machine. I decided to conduct my own research and asked some of my colleagues in my audience, why they haven't embraced the new technology and invested in an on-line video course​, a promo video introducing themselves, product or service, or at a minimum investment - a website that is REALLY working for them?

The results stunned but did not surprise me.​

Typical Responses

Nothing beats face-to-face facilitation

I just don't have the time to work on my business

I am busy preparing my next presentation

My clients won't watch videos

What was the question?

I secretly love their excuses. It make me so much happier to know that I don't have to compete in their world. Keep reading those 1970 marketing types of book and let me know when it's working for you. (Sorry - couldn't help myself!)

How do I generate more interest in my product or service?

The secret is a Lead Generation Page. But there is a difference between one that works and those that don't. Click on the video below to see mine work live.  It will open in a new window

The challenge is how do we help people put together a 'KILLER' web page to generate leads?

The team here at The Presentation Coach are committed to help you generate more leads and conversions with some of the greatest tools and plugins available.

Do you want more leads? Does your website need a makeover?

If you reside in Australia and live in BRISBANE, THE SUNSHINE COAST OR THE GOLD COAST, and you wanted to learn about the new technology to improve your reach to potential customers then register at our next FREE EVENT.

What have you got to lose?....oh that's right...POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS​.




About the Author

As The Presentation Coach, Gerald has over 20 remarkable years as a professional speaker, engaging audiences with humour, controversy and plenty of ideas. Gerald has spoken to a wide variety of groups, including business, medical, academic, association, professional and corporate audiences. He’s an engaging, thought provoking speaker and storyteller. Gerald is energetic and professional. He knows how to motivate the the crowd, Quality isn’t expensive..it’s priceless!