Season four of THE POINT TV

Graduation night - 24th November 5:15pm


Season Four THE POINT TV November 24 2016

Meet your presenters

Jennifer Hinds

Amanda Bude

Brett O'Connor

Kim Jewell

Di McMath

Pauline Rohdich

Abby Clemence

Lee Brownless

Susan Wanmer

Kalila Purtle

Sandra Harman

Chantal Gerardy

Sally Eberhardt

Jane Buxton

Nicole van Hattem

Lorena Chiappiara

Lawson Schafer

Isabella Neophyton

Greg Dennis

Holly Brownless

Glenda Robinson

Victoria Herrmann

Stewart Fleming

Leanne Cohens

Valerie Lambard

Jan Sky

Ilka Oster

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198 Foxwell Road, COOMERA (GOLD COAST)

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