Season Four


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Jane Buxton speaks with Amanda Bude showing us how a baby's sleep can impact on your life

Lorean Chiappara speaks with Victoria Herrmann on what to look out for when buying a property

Isabella Neophyton talks to Kalila Purtle about teen health and well being​

Susan Wanmer discusses all things business with Brett O'Connor

Ilka Oster speaks candidly to Holly Brownless on giving women back their voice​

Sally Eberhardt is talking to Abby Clemence on how we can align ourselves with charities​

Lawson Schafer talks to Valerie Lambard about protecting our animal species

Susan Wanmer will ask farmer Greggie about how we can protect our milk from going overseas

Jan Sky speaks to two remarkable women Kim Jewell and Di McMath about PTSD

Sandra Harmann will be chatting to Chantal Gerady about EATING NAKED​

Glenda Robinson asks Lee Brownless about how men can get a hold of their manhood

Pauline Rohdich chats with Jennifer Hinds about the cosmetic industry

Stewart Flemming talks to Leanne Cohens about Marketing

Pat Armitstead talks to Nicole van Hattem about the matter of Death By Desk​

Jane Buxton with Amanda Bude

Lorena Chiappara with Victoria Herrmann

Isabella Neophyton with Kalila Purtle

Susan Wanmer with Brett O'Connor

Ilka Oster with Holly Brownless

Sally Eberhardt with Abby Clemence

Lawson Schafer with Valerie Lambard

Susan Wanmer with Greg Dennis

Sandra Harman with Chantal Gerady

Jan Sky with Kim Jewell and DiMcMath

Glenda Robinson with Lee Brownless

Pauline Rohdich with Jennifer Hinds

Stewart Flemming with Leanne Cohens

Pat Armitstead with Nicole van Hattem

Increase your reach and be the authority on THE POINT TV 

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