It's your turn to be the Authority

I will help you make your presentation more profitable when you speak at one of our MEETUPS

Have you ever imagined you had a video on-hand to explain or show social proof of your product, service or experience? Do you simply want to have a video promotion for your website? Do you want to be considered the authority in your chosen field? If you answered "yes" to any or all of these questions then this is for you.

We will allocate you a 10 - 15 minute spot in front of the group, where you will have carte blanche to promote 'who you are' and 'what you do'. If you have banners, promotional materials or a slide show, we will showcase you as the authority. The cameras will be rolling from three vantage points to create maximum visual exposure. Should you have a slideshow, we will overlay these during your presentation in post production.

(By the way, we prefer that you have been to at least 1 of our MEETUPS  prior to participating to ensure you have an understanding of our agenda).

What you get…

  1. Opportunity to engage with an attentive group of individuals from various professional backgrounds.
  2. Your entire presentation edited with cut-away shots of your message and audience reactions (eg, laughing, responding or simply watching with interest).
  3. Full HD video file.
  4. Compressed HD video file ready for upload.
  5. A unique video edited for your message.
  6. 3 strategically placed camera angles.
  7. A lapel microphone for high quality audio.
  8. Coaching prior to filming.

Your investment:

Packages begin from $285 GST free