Hot and Healthy TV Pilot Party


Nicole van Hattem

Join us for this live event for food, fun and a gut full of healthy inspiration

Tuesday, July 26th,
PM Eastern Time


Nicole is on a mission to end the epidemic of "Death by Desk" and you can be there to watch it happen.

The hugely successful podcast "Hot and Healthy with Nicole van Hattem" with over 50 episodes and 27,000 downloads is launching on TV and you're invited to be part of the pilot episode and the show's success!

Kirsty Kraynik is the guest in the hot seat on the pilot. Kirsty is the face of Gutsy Mums a growing community of gutsy women learning how to take control of their health and wellness one step at a time.

There will be door prizes and giveaways and food and drinks supplied - all donated by health and wellness companies.

Ticket cost is $20 per person - this will be donated to the charity Thai Freedom House who Nicole has generously supported for several years and which has helped thousands of high risk women and children escape human trafficking, giving them education, food, housing and empowerment.

Grab your ticket now. Space is limited and time is running out.

Now is your time to be Hot and Healthy.

Who is Nicole van Hattem

Nicole van Hattem is a Holistic Success Coach, Host of Hot and Healthy and multiple Bestselling Author

A high flying corporate women who burned out at the top of her career and watched others around her slowly dying behind their desks. The turning point came when her colleague and close friend died of a massive heart attack at age 49. Nicole walked away from the desk, reinvented herself and created a vibrant global holistic business and life.

Nicole combines over two decades of corporate experience, with board certification as a Holistic Health Coach, skills as a Master NLP practitioner and a wealth of practical life experience to her mission to end the epidemic of Death by Desk.

Nicole specialises in empowering women with the mindset and natural energy to thrive, not just survive in the 9-5 and brings a unique combination of corporate head and wellness heart to her audiences that transforms lives. She works with people who are ready to elevate their thinking, upgrade their food styles and embrace the unlimited opportunities to thrive.


Nicole van Hattem

Hot and healthy

Special guest

Kirsty Kyranik

Gutsy mums

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