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What You'll Learn
During This Live Presentation:

  1. Understand what living on purpose is.
  2. The key elements to living a life on purpose.
  3. Building trust with integrity.

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Special Guest - Jennie Gorman

Jennie Gorman

Our individual lives are all about the journey we embark on and how we 'show up' to the world. Asking ourselves constantly, 'are we on purpose?' and 'are we consciously aware?'

Jennie Gorman brings to you a slice of her life and where it has taken her on her own conscious awareness journey. She has been walking her path from a self-aware perspective now for nearly 30 years and looks forward to sharing with you her thoughts on life as she sees it. Having been fortunate to have had a very wise woman for a grandmother, many of the concepts she works with today were passed onto her as a small child.

The aim in this interview is to bring together every day experiences whilst gaining more awareness and self-awareness to support our journey into our own authentic truth. It is about how we do mainstream business from a spiritual aspect, bearing in mind the importance of being authentic in all we do.Jennie will talk about her awesome journey and the challenges of living on purpose through life today. Her personal path has taken her around the world, learning and studying so that she could discover more about herself in both her own outer and inner world. Her symbol is the owl representing both the internal and external light and shadow side of ourselves. The darkness being where we really get to go deep and find our own real truths.

Unlike the beautiful eagle, who shows itself in full in the light of day, more like the show pony, the owl can help us discover and develop our own inner world, and set us free.

Who is Jennie Gorman?

Jennie Gorman loves personal and spiritual development. She sees the world from a conscious perspective and endeavours to support everyone she meets with an opportunity to grow and learn about themselves and their journey through this life.

As a sixth generation Australian Jennie regards herself as one of those people who has been blessed with opportunities that have supported her to grow and lead her life to its fullest. She grew up in a traditional pioneering family background in the country with an understanding of her position in life and the responsibility she had of being someone who was a 'giver'.

Jennie was fortunate to have a grandmother who taught her from early childhood spiritual concepts which are still with her today. She learnt early also the meaning of responsibility and independence as a result of being sent to boarding school as soon as she had her eight birthday. Now as a mother and grandmother she is aware of supporting her family with authenticity and being real. She does not pretend to be anything that she is not, warts and all.

For the last 25+ years Jennie has been helping entrepreneurs catapult their business into the 21st century by utilising what she calls the 'New Business' style of marketing and other smart business growth strategies, such as masterminding, social media, networking, and outsourcing! Behind all her work is an element of spiritual aspects which are used to guide her clients onto their journey into consciousness.

Jennie loves her work as a coach, mentor and author. As a writer of articles, e-books and a published book called "Awesome Authenticity" she shows what is it to be awesomely authentic in business today and the power in being real, accountable as well as responsible to self and others. She knows that trust, integrity, authenticity and sincerity are fundamental to maintaining fulfilling, purposeful and satisfying relationships in both personal and business lives. For her, it is all about being authentic - your REAL self.

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