“Making a world of change - One mosquito at a time”

Saturday 21st May



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Gerald Pauschmann
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Dave Piggott

What You'll Learn
During This Live Presentation:

  1. Mastering Mosquitos -

     By managing mosquitoes through collaborative community trapping, we will be reducing the number of mosquitoes. By reducing mosquito populations in the community, it will have a greater chance of decreasing mosquito-borne diseases and virus' that have adverse affects on many countries of the world. Combining our innovative trapping systems with sustainable community education, could mean saving the life or quality of life of someone you know.


    ozMozEco's project aims to assist in creating sustainable solutions for communities to orchestrate their own mosquito management. They want to support communities to achieve sustainability through recycling of plastics, cleaning up of waterways, creating jobs, educating the community and reducing mosquito numbers, which will in turn, reduce mosquito related death and illness.

  3. 360 DEGREE EDUCATION - The right approach to education is key... our 360 degree approach means that people will not only learn knowledge but become researchers, every person involved will be assisting with data collection and collaborating with university researchers leading to an accessible global database of vector mosquitoes and their distribution.

To be able to manage mosquitoes, you need to understand mosquitoes!

- we will show you ways that you can help manage mosquitoes in your local community

- ways that you can help manage mosquitoes in a community that suffers greatly from mosquito-borne disease.

- the children will be involved in vital mosquito research through their education

- this is just the beginning, we aim to put the tools and knowledge directly into the communities hands to help them become self-sufficient and live a sustainable life. We want to help communities clean up their waterways through plastic recycling and water re mediation. By doing this, it will create local jobs and there will be a cash flow into the community, for some communities, this can make a massive difference to their economy.

Who is Dave Piggott?

Dave Piggott is an environmental pest management researcher and consultant. He specializes in mosquito management and is endlessly fascinated and captivated by this beautiful and deadly creature. Dave has had a pro-active involvement in environmental pest management for the past 23 years. He practices and promotes environmentally sustainable and integrated management options. Dave has conducted product field trials for companies such as Dow Elanco, Agrevo and Novartis to assist them in gaining Australian certification for new biological pesticides. He has provided mosquito management, consultancy advice, education and training programs to Australian schools, community groups, international NGOs, state councils, resorts, mining operations, property developers and the wider pest control industry.

Dave’s aim is to provide viable and sustainable solutions to assist in the reduction of mosquito-transmitted viruses and diseases in communities. Dave’s two daughters, Samantha and Emily, have been by his side helping him on his environmental mission for as long as they could walk. Together, as ozMozEco, they aim to provide the globe with environmentally friendly solutions to support healthy, sustainable communities.

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21st MAY




17 Gould Road, HERSTON

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