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Our next session: Wednesday September 2

ILP Learning Centre, 
17 Gould Road, HERSTON
5.30pm - 7.30pm


How well do you REALLY understand your clients?


Sam Russell

Director - Client Services & Business Development, Rhodes Business School

Gerald Pauschmann

The Couch Guy & The Presentation Coach, ILP

James Hanson

Group Cardno University Manager, Cardno

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More information about the session:

If you aren’t connecting with the right clients, it may be because you aren’t clear about who your ideal clients are.. Without a well-defined ideal client type(s), your business development strategies may lack focus and effectiveness. Success in business development, advice and sales also relies on understanding your clients' buying processes, so you can synchronise your advice to engage effectively and successfully. A trust-based approach to sales, in which you honestly seek to identify and fulfil the needs of your clients first and foremost, can have a profound impact on your reputation and commercial success.

This session will explore key lessons and experiences in selling services. You will discover insights and ideas on how to approach potential clients, uncover and clarify their needs and work with them to develop solutions which will genuinely benefit them.

Filmed in front of a live studio audience

These live, interactive, informative (and free) events are extremely popular and seats fill up fast.

Run in collaboration, De Backman-Hoyle in Melbourne, and yours truly in Brisbane, invite Industry Professionals to the couch for an interview and Q&A session on a range of interesting topics.

Driven by the needs of the audience, our On the Learning Couch hosts extract stories, hints, tips and gems of knowledge from the ‘superstars’ of the L&D Industry in a relaxed interview-style session.

It’s like having our very own Oprah and Graham Norton shows! (I wonder which one I am?)

Join us for a fun night where you’ll have opportunities to make great connections, ask questions and share your knowledge throughout the event.

If you’re in other states, you’ll be able to access the videos and podcasts after the events… and soon we’ll be video-streaming so you can be a part of the action!

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