Creating a  visual video presence

This full-day workshop will guide you through the process to prepare and create a professional video for your clients, corporate website or your YouTube channel.
In the morning, you will learn how to write a 30-second script by an award-winning script writer and author. You will be given the template to help you write another 90-second video promo in preparation for your presentation.

What you will be coached on

The 4 P’s of speaking to a camera using –


How to deliver your presentation to video with valuable feedback on the 4 P’s.

How to prepare for the camera – use of a teleprompter, lights, camera, and microphone.

How the final product should be produced.

The benefits

You can build a rapport with your audience.

You will instantly become more personable.

It's a powerful way to promote your brand.

You don’t have to type anything for a change.

You can demonstrate your expertise.

You can show your creativity.

It’s an inexpensive marketing approach.

You’ll become more memorable.

Helps you establish yourself as the authority.

You can show your human side.

Retain the attention of your target audience.

Consistent videos can build a different audience.

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What you will walk away with

Opportunity to engage with an attentive group of individuals from various professional backgrounds.

Your entire presentation edited with cut-away shots of your message.

Full HD video file.

Compressed HD video file ready for your website, clients or YouTube.

A unique video specifically edited for your message.

Up to 3 strategically placed capture angles.

A lavaliere (lapel) microphone for high quality audio.

Coaching prior to filming.

Barton E. Clark

This is the first time I'm sharing the exact methods we use. You'll be amazed at how easy it can be!