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The Institute for Learning Professionals (ILP)

17 Gould Street, HERSTON - 0900 - 1700


This is a great opportunity for you to increase your profile by getting a 60 second PROMO video. You may want to interview a person of interest, or you are a person who has an incredible story to share. It may even be time to update that professional HEADSHOT. 

60 second PROMO video

A great introduction for your promotional video. We use state of the art software including After Effects and Premier Pro to ensure an amazing finished product. Your video will include:
  • Professional studio session
  • Your logo
  • ​1 Targeted image background
  • 1 lower thirds
  • Text with your email
  • Using an autocue
  • 2 Stock images supplied by you
  • Music supplied by you

$200 + GST

Conduct your own INTERVIEW

You have seen Oprah, Denton and Dr. Phil do it, so why not create your very own 7 minute interview packaged up and ready for your website or YouTube channel.

You get to have a full 7 minutes on whatever topic you desire. You have always dreamed of hosting your very own segment, so here is your opportunity. Just turn up with your guest and we will be ready to turn on the Lights, Camera and make it happen

$500 + GST


The saying “Never judge a book by its cover”, while charming, isn’t entirely plausible in the real world.

The reality is that we are all judged, by the way we look. That’s why it’s incredibly important to always appear professional, both in-person and online. You get:

  • 15 minutes of professional studio time
  • 1 image of your choice

From $50 + GST

Here is just a sample of the quality of our work

The 60 second PROMO video - $200

If you are in business, then you know that promoting your products or services on video is the fastest way to get your customers to engage with you. There's plenty of more expensive options, and plenty of cheaper ones. The expensive ones aren't in your budget, and the cheaper options can't offer the same high-quality, responsive service, fast turnaround times, satisfaction guarantee, etc. But we can!

We know you want your videos don yesterday, so our production team (me) is equipped and ready to get your video done fast, without compromising the quality of your video

Your script is the foundation and most important part of your video. If you like, we can organise professional writers who will simplify your product or service, and write a script that will clearly communicate your message and value proposition - all while keeping viewers engaged throughout the video...

The Interview - $500

This is your opportunity to be the host of your very own segment. You may have always wanted to start your very own web TV show but just didn't have the resources to make it happen. We will give you a full 7 minutes of air time to bring with you someone with whom you would like to interview. They might have a charity, a cause or they simply want to raise awareness about a situation that needs attention. It is your stage, your questions under your direction. Once you join us we will allocate a time for you in the afternoon. It is that simple. N.B. Please come fully prepared to conduct your segment including hair and make-up, wardrobe and guest. We will provide the Lights, Camera and a little Action. This is your time to shine.

If you have always wanted to be interviewed, we have over 2 dozen qualified hosts that have been trained to conduct your interview to ensure you will deliver your key message. We will make sure that you won't sound too 'salesey' to turn people away. Our job is to create an atmosphere so you become the 'AUTHORITY' in your field.

Once you join us, we will personally call you so we can match the right person to suit your personality style and to bring out the best in you. Our skilled hosts will work with you either by phone or over a coffee to scope your message to engage your market.

There is no better way to market yourself than on video.

Gerald Pauschmann


About the Director

As The Presentation Coach, I have over 20 remarkable years as a professional speaker, engaging audiences with humour, controversy and plenty of humour.

As the founder of THE POINT TV, I have personally conducted over 100 interviews and have produced well over 100 TV segments, promo videos and Vlogs. My youTube channel has over 2 million views and our reach is to 7 engaged countries.

We simply create a vision for your concepts.

Ryan Fowler

Ryan Fowler Photography

About the Photographer

Ryan Fowler is a photographer with a passion for breathing life into every shot he takes. Few things bring him more satisfaction than capturing unforgettable moments and memories, and he has become known for his peerless landscape, night sky, and studio portraiture abilities.

As a student of his own experiences, Ryan has developed his own unique styles and techniques, and greatly enjoys sharing his love of photography with others to capture the world through his lens. He loves meeting others who are serious about good photography, and is always happy to share a tip or two.In Ryan’s own words he says “I am a photographer wanting to share knowledge and experience with aspiring photographers to take better photos that will inspire them to create beautiful images to share with others whilst sharing photos from my own perspective.”

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