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There are three options should you choose to be a guest 'On THE POINT TV':



No Charge to you:

In this instance I have invited you to join me on the couch. It may cost you a strong Latte, a beer or a copy of your book etc...Not everyone can afford to pay the $1,200 + in option 2, tell me what your budget is and I am sure we can negotiate. Your story is important to be told.



$1250 + GST

You may bring as many guests as you like and charge them a fee. Should you decide to charge a fee, all monies collected is credited back to you. (Most charge $49) We also suggest that you cater for this event (simple nibbles, cheese and crackers, wine and a six pack should be fine in most cases*)



Find a sponsor

Your organisation may wish to sponsor the event or you may have a client that will sponsor you.

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