Last week I was interviewed by the Gold Coast Bulletin about how GC Lights Camera Action will help showcase all those hidden gems when our visitors hit our shores during the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Here is how you can be a part of the excitement

It is your opportunity to invite us to your 'hidden gem' so you can showcase your business to THE WORLD.

The Idea

Imagine every visitor who hits our shores in the lead up to the 2018 Commonwealth Games looks out to a sea of gold t'shirts, EVERY person who dons a gold T'shirt has earned the credentials to become a Gold Coast ambassador and when approached by our commonwealth neighbours for a 'What to do on the Coast' the response will go far beyond visiting the theme parks and grand shopping centres. It will be what is nearby these icons that hold the key to a favourite local cafe, restaurant bar or community hangout.

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Story by LUCY KINBACHER and photos by KIT WISE

Friendly by name, friendly by nature, thats the motto professional speaker Gerald Pauschmann wants to instil on the Gold Coast  through the FRIENDLINESS PROGRAM expected to be rolled out in the next few weeks.

The concept is designed to generate excitement and inspire the promotion of the Commonwealth Games. Mr. Pauschmann will visit loca small businesses, people and landmarks across the coast and record short commercial style commercial videos which will then be uploaded to Facebook and YouTube for locals and visitors from across the world to ​view.

"It's all about the Gold Coasts focus and getting people to experience what we think is more than just heading out to the theme parks, but about the little hidden secrets around the coast" he said.

Mr. Pauschmann said his idea was really about creating a lasting legacy for the business side of the coast. In addition to the online component of the program participants will also attend an information session about their role as ambassadors.​

Story two

Gold Coast Game Changers

Gerald Pauschmann from GC Lights, Camera, Action, is rolling out The Friendliness Program, a social media-based initiative showcasing the best small businesses, features and people of the Gold Coast. He aims to generate excitement and inspire the promotion of the Gold Coast’s best features before and after the 2018 Commonwealth Games. In our pic, Gerald interviews barista Danni Roberts from Pomeroy’s at Capri on Via Roma.​

About the Author

As The Presentation Coach, Gerald has over 20 remarkable years as a professional speaker, engaging audiences with humour, controversy and plenty of ideas. Gerald has spoken to a wide variety of groups, including business, medical, academic, association, professional and corporate audiences. He’s an engaging, thought provoking speaker and storyteller. Gerald is energetic and professional. He knows how to motivate the the crowd, Quality isn’t’s priceless!

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