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We want to ensure you enjoy your MEETUP experience 

We have been creating video branding for over 300 people since September 2014 and and the success of this branding has been nothing but extraordinary. I want to show you the steps to create a professional video brand when you choose to attend one of our highly interactive MEETUPs that are absolutely free.


Upon arrival

You will be met by one of our friendly staff at the Institute for Learning Professionals. You will be introduced to some incredible individuals that have the same goal in mind – to CREATE AN ONLINE VIDEO PRESENCE.


Your trainers

We have experience in producing a targeted script that helps you  develop a “who am I & what I do” statement – The “who am I” is your target market and the “what I do”  is the primary benefit they receive from you. 


Writing your script

One of the most difficult things to do in video marketing is writing your script so it contains ‘natural’ language. Our award-winning script writers will re-arrange your words to help you promote your authentic self.


The fun begins

You now have your script in hand and it’s time to practice it with your table buddies. In groups of three, you will all have the opportunity to present your promo while another limits your timing to be no more than 30 seconds.


Lights Camera Action

We provide the lights and camera, and guess what? Yep, you provide the action. It is time to get in front of the camera to ‘give it a crack’ so to speak. You will have lots of support, guidance and positive feedback from Damien our cameraman.


I like to watch!

Time to relax and lower your heart rate. We now get to watch all the videos back for some professional advice. The best part about this? You will be promoting your business to the whole group in a 30-second pitch.

The Agenda



Arrival, registration and 30 minutes of networking



GC Lights Camera Action is all about helping you leverage your brand by promoting yourself, product or service in a 30 - 90 second video. We like to keep it light and fun and of course there is a serious side to this...increasing your bottom line


You will be split into groups

If you are a first timer, (Group one) you will be given the template to get you started on your introductory script. RELAX, we have professionals in the room eager to help you along the way.
If this is your second MEETUP / WORKSHOP, (Group two) it’s time to make your way upstairs to the studio to meet Damien, your cameraman, and present your 90-second PROMO VIDEO. Once you have finished, you will be writing your ‘personal story’. Specialised coaching for your on-line presence will be offered to help you position your message in your market.


Group 1 only

Group one, you will now deliver your piece to camera (PTC) Note: don’t be hard on yourself, it’s your first time. Have fun and enjoy the learning experience.


Time to listen to an authority

Groups one and two will now assemble in the conference room to listen to one of the original members promote themselves, brand or product in a Real Live Presentation session. This will be recorded with two different camera angles and then produced as an influential presentation for their website or as promotional material for their clients.

Be a part of the growing number of individuals who are speaking at our events


For the people who are serious about their BRAND

What’s next? If you are serious about your BRAND, you may wish to stick around to hear how our specialised team can help you become the authority in your field. A full list of available packages will be presented from as little as $297. Otherwise you are free to go, armed with heaps of tools, techniques and advice on how to create a professional video brand.


Go Home

Wrap up, pack up and go home