Saturday 2nd April.

17 Gould Street, HERSTON

Create your 30-second promo video in  under 3 hours

Let me show you how you can monetise your YouTube Videos. 

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Create Impact. Be Creative. Build a Clients list with an AMAZING PROMO VIDEO

Everyone in business wants more LEADS and more CLIENTS?
Imagine the impact you would make when a potential client watches your product or service on VIDEO

If you have been thinking about getting on board with the thousands of other entrepreneurs in creating a videos, then join GOLD COAST LIGHTS, CAMERA ACTION and THE POINT TV and we will help you create a 30 second promo video like no other.

People who have attend our workshops have not paid a cent to experience developing a promo video and the benefits are second to none. They have more confidence on camera. They learn that it is actually FUN to make a promo videos and they meet people just like you.

Saturday 2nd April.

We will help you create...

An amazing promotional video ready for your website, YouTube channel or as an introduction to your clients. It's time to treat yourself to a digital video presence.


  • Learn how to read off an Auto-cue
  • Create a memorable high impact 30 second promo
  • Develop a clear speaking voice on camera
  • Learn what to wear including how to apply make-up and hair for TV
  • Watch others create their promo video
  • THE BEST PART - Watch all the presentations back and create a unique networking opportunity.

Look at the results from past workshops

If you have ever wanted to create your own YouTube videos that are studio quality, then you will be amazed at the results at this highly interactive and fun workshop.

Gain confidence and create a professional presence in front of a camera.
A great way to meet with other people who are promoting their brand.

I couldn't believe it was FREE!

Gerald, .... and everyone that attended. That was just good fun, out of the comfort zone, educational, entertaining and most important, supportive, positive and left you with a good feeling to want to come back for more. The fact we all turned up is the toughest hurdle to always encounter and overcome. Great to meet new people and look forward to seeing you all again. Rock on!!

Lachie Pennefather

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