What can I expect at my first meet up?

Your first meet up will be filled with information, value, feedback, opportunity and clarity. You will learn to design, develop and deliver a 30 second script and present in front of the camera. You are guaranteed to receive constructive feedback and support, access to experts in scripting, on camera presence and authority marketing. You will come away with a clear message about who you are, what you do, what you offer and who your target market is.

Can I use the 30 second video we produce at the first meet up?

The 30 second video you do at the first meet up is a trial run. You are filmed in front of a plain background with a lapel microphone and just with your script written out so you can read it. This video does not have any other images, logos, web information on it and as it is presumably your first attempt can be improved on. If you really love this unedited version, bring your own SD card (8GB) and you can take it with you for $87.

What if I want to add my logo and business details to the 30 sec video?

After you see the quality and hear the feedback from the other attendees and your hosts, you will see the potential for your videos and subsequent videos you could produce to increase your message and business profile. Add your logo, a banner and a background for a total of $150.

What is the difference between a 30 sec and the 90 sec video we do at the second meet up?

The 30 second video is a brilliant way for you to get really clear on your message and what you are about. It is great practice in front of the camera and the feedback is priceless. The 30 second video is used as a "hook" online to get people interested in what you do and wanting to know more. The 90 second video is for your second meet up and is done in front of the green screen with the teleprompter. The 90 second is a promo video you can use on your website landing page or as part of a campaign.

Can I use the 90 sec video we produce at the second meet up?

Yes. Our professional script writer will help you you with your script and you will use the teleprompter to your script from. If you are happy with the finished product we will add your logo, a banner and background image for a total of $200.

What is involved and the cost for producing a series of videos?

For any filming what is involved is a great script, appropriate clothing, make-up and props. Followed by post production, sourcing of images and music (if required), an appropriate background and of course, yours and our time.

And the cost? You have two options – either pay for each 30 second ($150) or each 90 second ($200) as you go OR have a look at our packages which will suit any budget.

Where can I use my videos?

Everywhere! Youtube is the second largest search engine. Use your videos wherever you want to engage with your global audience. Social media, campaigns, as pitches to prospective clients, as part of your media kit or in a training course. The uses are endless.

How much does it cost for Gerald to produce my specific videos?

If it's a one-off 30 second or 90 second video it will cost you $150 and $200 respectively. Gerald has packages to suit your budget and then he is always available to talk to you about your specific ideas and strategy and will work out a price that suits your budget and his time requirements to get the result that best suits you and your business.

How much does it cost for Keli to write my script?

Keli charges $250 per hour to write your script. This hour includes phone calls, changes, drafts and emails until the script is just right.

How much does it cost to have a one-on-one marketing strategy session with Barry?

Learn how to use your videos to maximum effect. If your online efforts aren't getting the results you'd like, you can book a one hour marketing strategy session with our digital marketing specialist. You get a 60 minute personalised strategy session, a recording and transcript of the call (if done over Skype), a quick action checklist of all the things you need to next, free access to Barry's ActiveCampaign marketing automation course and the cost of the call counts as credit for any future consulting work you choose to do with him.

https://insiders. theactivemarketer.com/60min- session

What is the LCA community all about?

We are constantly amazed by the people we meet and their passions and business ideas we are exposed to at every single meet up. We also know that as a start up, funds are limited which presents the predicament of needing access to the experts to help your business grow without the money to pat for the advice, so Gerald, Barry and Keli came up with the LCA community which is a monthly membership that gives you access to experts, forums, FAQ's such as this one, live feedback, webinars and other business tools that will help you build your business for a fee that is reasonable and affordable. Have a look at the "Community" tab for more information and to join.

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