Do you really understand your clients?

To really understand your clients you have to get in the mindset of what the client NEEDS and help them to buy. Rather than trying to CLOSE the sale, try to OPEN up the relationship.Gerald Pauschmann speaks with James Hanson (Group CARDNO university manager) and Sam Russell (Founder of Rhodes Business School)

Understanding clients requires you to take a hard look at the points at which your clients have contact with your business. These include meetings and visits, phone calls, correspondence and deliveries. Do your premises look scruffy, is your receptionist unfriendly or do your phones ring off the hook? All these things can make a clients feel disappointed.

The most common clients complaint is being kept waiting. If you're slow to return calls or fulfil orders, then you're in danger of losing clients.

As a small business, you can offer a personal service that meets the clients needs.

Understanding your clients and improving your listening skills must be a priority throughout your business.

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