Time to take control of how you negotiate with people. 


Most people want strategies on how to deal with abusive, aggressive and sometimes hostile people in the workplace.  Imagine having a toolbox full of strategies on how to de-escalate potentially violent situations and how to build resilience. Having delivered dynamic presentations to the corporate world, in countries including the United States of America, Canada, Fiji, New Zealand, PNG, Honiara and Malaysia, the strategies used are global.

 In the past five years, I have been the guest speaker at 60 national conferences and specialised in providing an understanding of human behaviour in the business context.

Gerald Pauschmann is the director and founder of PauschManagement Pty LTD and 20 years ago he started to notice an alarming rise of increased violence towards healthcare workers, authorised compliance officers and local law officers.

Seeing a gap in the training being offered to council employees on how to manage such unpleasant encounters and inspired to help after reading of a horrific attack on a parking attendant who had been assaulted for simply doing their job, he developed and created a program called "Dealing with Hostile and Violent People" or DHVP program along with the CODE-A an armed robbery prevention training guide on how to handle dangerous situations.

He then partnered with the Peak services formally LGAQ, and has travelled to over 30 councils throughout Queensland, training over 20,000 council employees sharing critically important de-escalation strategies and techniques through a series of thought provoking scenarios, highly engaging and sometimes confronting methods.

The overwhelmingly successful trainings he has run with Peak services can be tailored to address the needs of local councils served by the Gold Coast City Council.

With 28 years of training and public speaking experience and as a co-founder of the Institute of Learning Practitioners (ILP), a certified learning practitioner (CLP), a member of the Australian Institute of Management (AIMM) and an NLP practitioner, Gerald is a leader in the training industry and has become one of the most highly sought after to speak to audiences on how to handle dangerous and hostile situations in Queensland.

Tiffany Saunders

Deputy CEO

Hi team, thanks for helping us out with the speaker for the 'de-escalating hostile situations' keynote presentation at civic leaders last week. 

He was excellent!  I've received a lot of positive commentary and I anticipate his attendance could well generate some more enquiries.