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Present like a pro.
Start your own podcast series.
It's your turn to be the 'authority'.
Learn to be an on-camera presenter.
Creating a video visual presence.
Public speaking and presentation skills.


​I will film your very own:

30-second introductory video
90-second promo video
10 minute authority presentation
20 minute interview
90 minute keynote presentation
On-line educational courses


There are times when as a business owner you may need the following to gain greater success.
1.  Get clarity on where you are going
2.  Get guidance on the fastest, safest and cheapest routes others used
3.  Get constant coach checks to make sure you are on the right path

As The Presentation Coach, I have over 20 remarkable years as a professional speaker, engaging audiences with humour, controversy and plenty of ideas.

Speaking to a wide variety of communities and organisations, including universities, Not for Profit organisations, public and private sectors,  and corporate audiences. I create an environment that engages audiences and provoke their thinking by getting you a 'little disturbed'.

  • Professional Speaker and Trainer
  • Program leader for 'The last house before the big house'
  • Produced over 1000 YouTube videos with over 3 million views and over 150 Podcasts
  • Creator of Gold Coast Game Changer, Dogwise, On the Learning Couch, GC Lights Camera Action and co-producer of The Brand Engine
  • Author of Over 150+ Articles
  • Media Coach, Presentation Coach, Pitch and Sales Coach and Corporate Consultant
  • Co founder of the Institute of Learning Practitioners (ILP), formerly Australian Institute of Professional Facilitators (AIPF)
  • Ambassador for the LaughLearnandLive Foundation

So when you see Gerald as the Keynote speaker or EMCEE for any event, you know you won’t be getting an ordinary presenter. His unmistakeable raw talent will add impact with his quick wit and his multi talented impressions.

He is the only presenter who will use the audience as motivation to direct and create the format of his ‘fill-in’ time between keynote speakers.

He guarantees that every person will be mesmerised by his ‘on stage persona’ as a ‘magician’, ‘mathematician’, ‘world famous daytime show host’ or as a ‘ventriloquist’.

Gerald is THE best loved, most intelligent, unbelievably hilarious and in most demand in his household, and is becoming one of the most recognisable faces in his street.

He is unashamedly different.

High Energy and Fun! is what Gerald Pauschmann is all about! with over 20 years experience All types of events, – to keep the audience going –

Gerald is energetic and professional. He knows how to motivate the the crowd, Quality isn’t expensive..it’s priceless!

How I roll

I love the environment here on the Gold Coast.

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