De-escalating Hostile and Dangerous Situations plus
Essential supervisory skills

Your staff are your most valuable resource and we have a duty of care to protect and train them.

What you will learn

Here is a snapshot video of the introduction to my De-escalation training workshop

What you need to know

Here are the resources for the 1 hour 'Fast and Furious' webinar. Click on the image to all the information you need

Why this is important

Over the past decade, there has been a steady rise in the number of attacks on police officers, council staff, healthcare workers and anyone who is in a face to face or telephony role. A difficult and potentially dangerous situation for officers involves being called to a scene and engaging with a person who may be posing a risk to staff and themselves. Most individuals are not dangerous, but a special set of skills are required to bring a mutually successful end to a potentially hostile encounter

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What Our Customers Are Saying

What do our past participants think of the course?

Gerald is an incredibly patient trainer who really knows how to be empathetic and understanding in these situations. The scenarios and examples were related to our area as we don't have a typical 'store front' but we do provide services to the public on a daily basis.


Council - Regional Queensland

There has been an increase in 'soft crime targets' over the past few years and we needed someone who not only had the knowledge on Armed Robbery Prevention, we also needed someone with exceptional communication skills in De-escalating hostile people and dangerous situation, Gerald fit that criteria perfectly.


Council - Queensland

What You'll Be Learning

Here is a snapshot video of the introduction to our Armed Robbery Prevention Training workshop.