Create stunning videos using your smartphone

Join us for this event & discover how a simple strategy can help you create videos for your website, YouTube channel or on-line courses - no matter how experienced you are.

GOLD COAST EVENT Saturday, December 2nd, 9:00 AM 

Hope Island

All this for $100

Step 1: Strategic Planning:

Identify your purpose and strategic goals to your story. We will help you to create a brief, story outline, script and storyboard, decide on your, genre and budget etc.

Step 2: Pre-Production:

Examine planning the technical aspects of creating and filming your video using your smartphone

Step 3: Production:

Whether you decide to create a set or scout a good location, let’s get shooting. We will show you how to make the best of your video shooting days.

Step 4: Post-Production:

Using editing techniques put your video together by fine-tuning the visuals and sound.

Step 5: Distribution & Marketing:

Create a workflow that maximises your impact. Learn about channels of distribution, promotions, media, video search engine optimisation and sharing.

Promotional videos are one of the top forms of online mass communication that you can benefit from using. And with the Internet, is so easy now! All businesses, small and large, are jumping on board to get their start with online video – consumers demand it!

I am a video producer and YouTuber. I have developed this workshop to make video easy to understand for anyone – by the end, you too will understand what goes into a video, and how to make a great promotional video for your business.

The results are clear. While some companies put their in-house marketing teams on the job to produce fantastic promotional videos, people new to video production can often struggle with this

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Gerald Pauschmann

Founder - The Point TV

Ryan Fowler

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