So, you want to be a TV host?

Please watch this video - you have some Pre-work to do.

Your spot has been secured.

17 Gould Street, HERSTON, BRISBANE

Your workbook will be e-mailed to you once full payment has been made

What happens next?

First things first. - I will personally contact you to ensure you speak with a HUMAN within 24 hours

If you did not leave a contact number - please call Gerald within 48 hours on 0415 776 66 9‚Äč


Please arrive on time. 9am

We want everyone to get the most out of the sessions and of course to go home on time. The workshop finishes at 1pm


Meet & Greet

A great opportunity to meet with a range of people who would also like to host The Point TV segment


Get involved.

As you will be a part of the workshop, we want you to ask questions, have fun and enjoy the process.


I want to know your niche

Whether it's cooking, nutrition, providing inspiration or being controversial, you might just have what it takes


Interviewing techniques

I will help you organise and structure a compelling interview that is interesting and engaging


Hard work

I won't sugarcoat this. If you are serious about hosting your own show or a segment on THE POINT TV, I will logically set out the steps to ensure you get your first gig and start to profit from your hard work.

We are expanding and