Season Three of THE POINT TV


Segment 1
TITLE: You have a choice
HOST: Emma Walkinshaw
GUEST: Jo Hendy

Segment 2
TITLE: Diet & Exercise VS Weight Loss Surgery
HOST: Shari Ware
GUEST: Tammy Johnson

Segment 3
TITLE: Emotional healing
HOST: Madonna Williams

Segment 1
TITLE: You CAN Live A Full Self Expressed Life
HOST: Megan Gibson
GUEST: Tracie Eaton

Segment 2
TITLE: Start your urban garden with kitchen leftovers
HOST: Julia Schafer

Segment 3
TITLE: From Burnout to Brilliance
HOST: Louise Fowller
GUEST: Carra Lee Bolard

Segment 1
TITLE: Nutritional Debt
HOST: Ameeta Gangaram

Segment 2
TITLE: What's on your bucket list
HOST: Christine Thomson
GUEST: Kim Burke

Segment 3
TITLE: A Global Healing Castle Was Born
HOST: Beth Elaine Hayes
GUEST: Birgit Skorka

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