De-escalating hostile and potentially violent outbursts

Tactical Assertive Communication and Non Violent Communication

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3.1.1 Criminal Legislation .

3.1.2 Privacy – Legislation and Common Law
"Many people would assume that filming persons in private places and contexts would be in breach of a law. However, there are many situations which are not protected by legislation. Indeed, the Commonwealth has a Privacy Act 1988 and most states have privacy laws that apply to regulate the collection, use, disclosure, security and access to ‘personal information’ (which includes a photograph or other pictorial representation of a person). However, the laws apply only to government agencies and business organisations. It would not seem to apply in situations given in the examples here of a private individual taking photographs of other people without their consent."

Australian Government Law reform (Taking photographs and other images)
Submissions and consultations (section)

69.112 through to 69.117

ARTS LAW (Website) where the specific relevant paragraphs are used and projected as a slide