Cost of producing a video

Everyone loves to watch their favourite TV show and not a lot of people give it any thought as to how much it costs to produce a 45 minute TV show.

At THE POINT TV, we run a boutique production that takes an incredible amount of man hours to take it from a concept or an idea to you enjoying the interview conducted.

I want to take you through the whole process breaking each component into small chunks, so here goes.

Let’s imagine it is YOU who has an incredible story to tell.

Preparation and planning:

  1. There are a few ways you get to sit ‘on the couch’ or ‘on the table’ with me. These include
    a) You could have clicked on a link that says ‘Yes I Want To Be Interviewed’
    b) Someone has suggested your story to me.
    c) You found me though either our YouTube Channel, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other social media
    c) I have invited you
    Cost – approx $200 in advertising and time
  2. Once you agree you will directed to our terms and conditions page. This is where the magic begins
    Cost – $0
  3. It is then time to have a bit of a briefing to understand what is the outcome or result you want to see from the interview. It is also important that I completely understand who I am speaking with and I do my due diligence.
    Cost – $700
  4. We now have a date and time, this is where I create a landing page (here is an example) that invites my subscribers to attend our interview. A copy of the automation is sent to you and the landing page is also advertised on LinkedIn, Meetup, Facebook, eventbrite and of course my website.
    Cost – $600

Day of filming

  1. Travel to the venues at our Brisbane studios.
    I like to arrive at the studio with either one or two assistance approximately 3 hours prior to filming to set up 3 cameras, lavalier microphones for each guest, lights, field monitor. We do sound checks, white balance, focusing, exposure and camera angles.
    Cost – $1,100 (includes 2 assistance for the whole evening 6 Hours)
  2. Gusts arrive approximately 45 minutes prior to the ‘clapper board’ that signals we are going live.
  3. The filming kicks off at the scheduled time.
    a) Segment 1, 7-9 minutes
    b) Segment 2, 15-17 minutes
    c) Segment 3, 7-9 minutes
    d) Segment 4, 10 minutes
  4. Once the interview is complete, it’s time for the guest to network amongst the live studio audience.
  5. It’s time to pack up, pulling down all the equipment
  6. Travel home

Post production

  1. I use Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premier Pro, post production is the most labour intensive part of the whole production. Depending on the effects, lower thirds, ad placement, syncing the audio with the visual, colour correction, compressing the video, opening & closing credits, and rendering, this takes in excess of 20 hours
    Cost – $1,800
  2. It’s nearly done, now need to upload the video to YouTube and email the link to you the guest and promote on LinkedIn, Facebook, my website and any other social media
    Cost – $300

Approximate total of man hours time is $4,700

I do not attract a fee for any of the time to conduct an interview with you. I do ask that you make a contribution to the LaughLearnandLive Foundation. We only ask for around 10% – 15% of the cost of the video to be contributed.

Below is an image of the cost of producing a PROMO VIDEO of 1-3 minutes from a popular Video production house



About the Author

As The Presentation Coach, Gerald has over 20 remarkable years as a professional speaker, engaging audiences with humour, controversy and plenty of ideas. Gerald has spoken to a wide variety of groups, including business, medical, academic, association, professional and corporate audiences. He’s an engaging, thought provoking speaker and storyteller. Gerald is energetic and professional. He knows how to motivate the the crowd, Quality isn’t’s priceless!