The Art of Public Speaking (The Course)

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Your presentation and public speaking skill is only valuable if you can persuade and motivate others to act on it. This interactive program dives deeply into the specific skills and exact techniques you need to deliver your presentation and make it memorable for your audience. I will go from the fundamentals right through to an advanced presentation delivery toolkit, so it is exactly the place to start if you are just beginning or you require some advanced tips. You’ll learn dozens of techniques you’ve never seen before to get more sales, get more buy-in, eliminate your fear of public speaking, show confidence, and motivate your audience to action.


The course outline

Section one

Module: Fundamentals of  presentation and public speaking skills

  1. Welcome WATCH
  2. Introduction to Fundamentals of public speaking WATCH
  3. Introduction to public speaking (Audio) –
  4. Acknowledging the audience WATCH
  5. Engaging your TRIBE (Audio)
  6. What is a speech (Audio)
  7. The purpose of your speech (Audio)
  8. The structure – WATCH
  9. The structure part 2 (Audio)
  10. Delivering the key message (Audio)
  11. Saying what you mean (Audio)
  12. The rule of three (Audio)
  13. Memorable openings (Audio)
  14. Your first step (Audio)


  15. How to give a good speech 9:47 WATCH
  16. Your rate of speech matters WATCH
  17. The Voice and the 4 ‘P’s WATCH
  18. Memorable closings (Audio)
  19. Gestures (Audio)
  20. What do I do with my hands 2:31 WATCH
  21. Using visual aids (Audio)
  22. Using Visuals in your presentation WATCH
  23. Recap of some fundamentals WATCH
  24. Using visual language (Audio)
  25. Using notes (Audio)
  26. Humour (Audio)
  27. Distractions (Audio)
  28. Building Rapport (Audio)
  29. Eye Contact (Audio)
  30. Handling Nerves (Audio)
  31. How to handle nerves WATCH
  32. Building Confidence (Audio)
  33. Annoying phrases 2:34
  34. The one important skill to inspire your audience
  35. Empathy and public speaking (Audio)
  36. The best kept media presenting secret 3:13 WATCH
  37. Overcoming Stage fright WATCH
  38. What I have learned about Public speaking WATCH
  39. Advanced presentation tips WATCH

Section two

Module: VIDEO

The four ‘P’s of Public Speaking

  1. Presence WATCH
  2. Projection WATCH
  3. Pitch WATCH
  4. Pace WATCH

Section three


  1. Public Speaking tips part one 2:36
  2. Public Speaking tips part two 1:28
  3. Dealing with a hostile audience part one 7:32
  4. Dealing with a hostile audience part two 2:37


Section four


  1. Creating a THUNDERSTORM 4:44
  2. How to identify your personality type 6:56
  3. Identifying psychopaths 2:15
  4. MC at the Institute for Learning Professionals conference – ‘I got a feeling’ 4:52
  5. Remembering names (in Action) 5:03
  6. Dealing with aggressive and hostile people 5:58
  7. Voice over Advertisement 1:57
  8. MC with Laing O’Rorke 2:04
  9. Gerald gets a standing ovation 2:07
  10. MC at the ILP conference – This is no ordinary MC including remembering names 14:11
  11. MC – Gerald takes off Ellen DeG 6:53